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 United Training and Employment Center (UTEC) will most certainly address this very serious problem by replacing ‘guns and drugs’ with ‘pencils and books’.  Job skill training is the only path to respectable employment.  The ‘Crime Rate Rise’ in our nation’s capitol can no longer be tolerated.  UTEC is the only logical answer to the violence and criminal conduct of the mostly indigent and almost ‘no’ income minorities in our society.

It is naïve for us to think that any consequence (including jail, hospital and yes, even the grave yard) can deter the crime wave that plagues our society.  We as a society are desperately in need of the skill training we all know will make the difference we seek.  From a life of crime and hopelessness, UTEC is the transformation to a responsible and law abiding model citizen.


Economic Success and Financial Security ‘without’ crime



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